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4 Principles of Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle

healthy eating and healthy lifestyle

It is very important for everyone to live life by healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. It is one of the important pillars that can lead one on to the road of healthy lifestyle

  • When to eat
  • How to eat
  • What to eat
  • What not to eat


Are four major aspects that make a person by healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.


healthy eating and healthy lifestyle


One should break one’s night long fast at the time of sunrise and end one’s last main meal at the time of sunset. Here’s are the points through you can break down your day’s meals.

*Breakfast like a King

Our biological system is such that whatever we eat in the morning is absorbed and assimilated to the maximum. It is the meal that the body uses to top up its glucose levels after 8 to 12 hours of fasting. If you are skipping your breakfast then you will have a short attention time, will be less alert, will take a longer time to react, will have low blood sugar level. So, morning food should be full of nutrition, be low-fat and have a large portion of fruits is recommended.

*Lunch like a Prince

Food eaten during lunch should be easily digestible and low-fat. At lunchtime, eat a substantial meal to fuel you for the afternoon but make sure that isn’t too heavy. Essentially, it should be a medium-sized meal – smaller than breakfast but larger than dinner.

*Dinner like a Beggar

We need the most energy at the beginning of the day and the least at the end. So, dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. If you eat a large meal at dinner, which is traditional in most homes, weight gain can occur as the body cannot use all the energy in the food and thus stores it as fat instead. If you are taking a heavy meal at the dinner time then you might get sleep disturbances.


healthy eating and healthy lifestyle


While eating, one should attend to the way the food is being chewed, the tastes of different food items, the way it goes down the food pipe to the stomach, etc. Avoid watching TV while eating. One should avoid overeating just because you like the taste of the food. Instead, eat what you love slowly, relishing every part of the meal; that way you will feel full faster and you will not crave for more food. Drinking water should be avoided while having your meals, but it should be taken half an hour before having your meals and 1hr after having your meals.


healthy eatinga nd healthy lifestyle

The type of food you eat determines the type of mind, you have. AS THE FOOD, SO THE MIND; AS THE MIND SO THE MAN. So eat easily digestible food which can include; milk and milk products, fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses, cereals, sprouted cereals. A little ginger, Haldi, dhania, jeera all the natural herbs. Eating this food brings relaxation and a feeling of peace of mind.


healthy eating and healthy lifestyle

Not all the food items are made equally even the healthy person and you may not be getting as many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as you think. Only little rich foods such as hot spices, garlic, etc.  may be eaten. This food is very difficult to be digested and leaves that person in a disturbed state of mind. Tea, cocoa, wine, liquor are the one which is known to make a person feel dull, lazy, inactive and sleepy.





Ravish Kumar is the CEO/founder of the Mightypalm fitness started in 2018 .He is also an fitness freak he love to be fit .Now he want to circulate his knowledge to all the people's who want's a healthy lifestyle.

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