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Last Updated on December 30, 2020

India is said to be the diabetic capital in the world as more than 50% of the population is suffering from it. Diabetes is identified by the excess amount of sugar in the blood. Nowadays, diabetes is the fastest growing disorder because everyone is craved for sugar and does not have control over it. There are basically 2 types of diabetes- Type 1 i.e. in which body does not produce insulin at all and Type 2 on the other hand, in which the body insulin produced is not effective for the absorption of sugar levels in the blood.
Diabetes being a hormonal disorder can further lead to heart disease liver damage, heart strokes, kidney failure and many other serious health problems. This sweet disorder is becoming life threatening now, there are the simplest changes that you should do in your lifestyle so that your sugar level will be in control.


Here are the 5 most effective and simplest natural home remedies that can control diabetes so that you can live a healthy life;


The holy basil or the basil leaves are loaded with many anti-oxidants and essential oils which helps the pancreas to function properly and also it increases the reactivity to insulin. You just have to either directly consume 3-4 leaves of basil or extract its juice and take 1tbsp of that juice on an empty stomach. This will help in lowering the amount of sugar in your blood.


The flax seeds are possessed with a high content of fiber which helps in digestion and also in absorbing the fats and sugars in your body. it has been researched that consumption of flax seeds helps in reducing the sugar levels by 30%. All you need to do is consume 1tbsp of powdered seeds with lukewarm water on an empty stomach but make sure that does not go beyond 2tbsp as it can detrimental to your health.


Bitter gourd is a biochemical plant which minimizes the insulin being produced by the pancreas and thus reducing the sugar levels in your blood. You should consume a bitter gourd at least once a week either make a sabzi or a curry. If you want fast results, then try to drink a glass of bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach once a day.


Neem leaves are loaded with many natural compounds which helps to enhance insulin sensitivity, lowering glucose levels and also improving the circulation of blood in your body and control diabetes. For best results, either directly consume 5-6 leaves or drink a glass of juice of neem leaves on an empty stomach once a day.


The Indian blackberry- Jamun is very effective fruit for controlling diabetes. It helps in lowering the sugar levels in your blood and also helps in preventing the conversion of starch to sugars. Even it also protects your heart from many disorders. Just eat 5-6 Jamuns especially in the morning or you can make a powder of Jamun seeds and add 1tbsp of that powder to a glass of milk or lukewarm water and drink on an empty stomach for best results.

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