Bodybuilding: 5 Reasons Why We Should To Do It?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2019

Many people may practice bodybuilding for recreational purposes or simply as an way to increase their personal health and boost self-confidence. Bodybuilding helps to fit body as well as a mind. Once you make it your lifestyle, you may also take it a notch higher and do bodybuilding as a competitive sport, where you may gain international exposure, get recognition or even sport achievements.

Bodybuilding: Why We Have To Do It?

Some of the notable benefits of bodybuilding include the following:

Improving Your Body Health

The risk of developing coronary heart disease is reduced through it. When you exert more effort or consume energy, your heart gets exercised through the heartbeats. Through regular exercising, your heart muscles get strengthened. Note: Sometimes the intensity of natural bodybuilding can have detrimental effects on your heart. For instance, lifting more than half your body weight may contribute to the risk of tearing your aorta. Therefore, it’s prudent to undertake screening tests before doing any heavy lifting. Undertaking aerobic exercises such as biking or running also strengthens your heart and protects it against adverse effects of bodybuilding. However, when considering taking part in long-term bodybuilding activities that may involve lifting heavy weights, always consult your doctor before beginning.

✓ Engaging in such physical activities as aerobic exercises and weight training gives you a good opportunity to reduce and control high cholesterol, obesity, and high blood pressure.

✓ It also strengthens your bones. How does it do that? Well, weight-bearing activities and intense body movements have long-term effects of stimulating the production of signals that increase your bone mineral density. When your bones are strained, your body responds by making your bones stronger. Normally, aging leads to a decrease in bone strength that may make them become brittle and easily prone to fracture. It increases your bone density to the point of lessening the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis. As you go on exercising in old age, you can easily reverse your bone loss tendencies.

✓ It can help increase your muscle mass. So how does it do that? Well, when you undertake long-term exercises, your body becomes stronger and leaner. Usually, as you age, you start losing muscle mass and strength. It leads to increased production of anabolic hormones. For instance, compound exercises like deadlift and squat enhance production of HGH (growth hormone) and testosterone that transforms your body by helping you maintain your muscle mass and strength, thereby keeping you bigger, stronger and more self-confident.

Increasing Your Strength And Flexibility

By training through the full range of motion, your joints become very flexible and can withstand any stress. Additionally, you are able to do away with chronic pains and aches such as backaches and any pains in the joints. Also, it helps you to gain strength to lift heavy loads; since your level of endurance and balance are also enhanced.

Weight/Fat Loss

It entails lots of physical activity. When you think about it; this increases your body’s energy demands, which essentially means that your body will have to source for the energy from somewhere. If you maintain your normal diet (assuming you don’t overeat), you will essentially be creating a calorie/energy deficit when you exercise thus prompting your body to seek alternative sources of energy. The immediate source of this energy (now that the dietary calories are not enough) is stored body fat. This ends up burning and reducing your stored body fat reserves, which could end up making you lose weight (if that’s your goal). Moreover, the fact that it results in improved muscle composition mean you will essentially have a generally higher metabolic rate i.e. your body will burn more fat even while you are at rest.

Gaining A Better Posture And Better Looking Body

Regular training helps you to increase your muscle size, burn body fat and develop a better body. In fact, your musculature becomes very impressive. Furthermore, by regularly training your core and back muscles, you can prevent any cases of muscle imbalances and fix any disproportion. You are likely to end up with a straight back giving you a more attractive look.

Making You Happier

Since it is a sport, it stimulates your body to secrete endorphins hormones, which reduces pains and makes you feel happier and better. This is best applied in stressful moments, when having mood swings or when suffering from depression. Bodybuilding exercises can prevent all these cases. Now that you are aware of the perks that come with bodybuilding, I know you are excited to get started. So where should you start? Well, for starters, you need to understand is highly personalized. Therefore, what may be ideal for one person may not be ideal for you. This doesn’t mean you need something highly specialized though; you can start from somewhere i.e. knowing your body type. That’s what we will be learning next.

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