Last Updated on November 25, 2020

Let’s take a look at the importance of the “Three Pillars” as a concept for our ongoing focus for successful weight training. When we look at this pivotal strategy, we can gauge the key areas of focus placement, which can, therefore, bring about success, growth, and health maintenance that is safe, result-based and positive in nature. As with any new regime or plan, the importance of health and safety are always the priority. When the three pillars are maintained, the results are more definitive and progressive. Additionally, safety and health will remain at the forefront, and as an ongoing necessity in the weight training goal.

Three Pillars for Bodybuilding

With a complete focus on the three pillars, you can consistently bring great results, over time. And, in reality, the need for great results is the purpose of weight training, for us to meet our end goals.

The 3 Pillars for Bodybuilding are:

Your muscles will survive and thrive on the homeostasis of your body. That’s certainly true. So, when you make sure the three pillars are maintained, then you too, not only survive but thrive. And that’s the goal here; to give your body the chance to thrive from a weight training perspective.


Sleep and sleep maintenance are important factors in achieving homeostasis for the body. And when the body has ample sleep, it can perform really well. Homeostasis is the “perfect” harmony needed at a cellular level for the body to be performing at its optimal point. The cells can achieve repair, growth and much-needed healing when homeostasis is maintained. That means the cells in the muscles and connective tissue have the chance to grow well, too. Because, as you know, they are made up of cells. And they will also be able to recover more easily and efficiently in a “homeostatic” environment. Treating them right is paramount. It is key.

Guidelines for Sleep

  • 7 to 8 hours per night
  • Be in a relaxed state before going to sleep
  • Turn off electronic devices 1 to 2 hours before sleep to assist the ease
  • Yoga and meditation can aid sleep promotion
  • Make the room as dark as possible – sleeping masks are recommended


Regular training is key Train with a 3-day, split routine In weight workouts, focus on compound movements (big muscle groups). Focus on the larger muscle groups – upper back, chest, shoulders, calves, thighs, arms, and abdominals. Positivity is key Reward yourself with positive affirmations and stress-free downtime


Eat 3 to 5 well-balanced meals each day Include “flesh” foods like fish, pork, chicken, beef, eggs, and milk Supplement your diet with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from nutritious foods not vitamin tablets Balance is Key To have optimal muscle growth, the three pillars must be in balance.


All three are just as are as important as each other. A regime where proper sleep and training are undertaken; but where a bad diet is allowed, will not work. In this instance, the muscles will repair slowly, and injuries can occur from unhealed and overworked muscles. Proper diet and great training without the sleep will see the denotation where the same situation applies. And because the muscles are not rested, therefore, they do not repair and grow.
And lastly, good eating habits with great sleep; in conjunction with a poor training regime, will not work either. In this instance, there will not be the right resistance to the muscles for them to adapt and grow properly.
The three pillars create a homeostatic environment for the cells (and therefore, muscles) to grow, heal, repair and maintain health, for the long term. Write the three pillars down on your goal board to help you remember the importance of them. This is the most pivotal addition to your success. And remember this key concept can mean the difference between success and failure.

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