Most of the people in the world are busy in working out to get a flat tummy. It is not just like bread and butter but a very hard task. Sometimes, even after living a healthy lifestyle and having workout sessions daily, you don’t get a flat tummy. For this, you need to switch on to only healthy food without any junk ones and along with it practice yoga with your workouts.

flat tummy

You try out many rigorous workouts which bring along many side effects such as back pain, muscle cramps, muscle twist, etc. but yoga never gives you such side effects. It will also help you in building your overall health and also in maintaining a sexy belly.


It is very important that while doing asanas you don’t press your belly hardly as it can lead to many health problems and complications. Here the 4 most effective yoga poses for getting a flat tummy;


flat tummy

As the name suggests NAUKASANA is just like boat asanas. In other words, it is a boat pose yoga which helps in strengthening your back and your leg muscles. It also helps in getting rid of the extra belly fat in the midsection.
INSTRUCTIONS- all you need to do is lie on your back and keep your hand at your sides with legs together. Then breathe in and raise both of your legs as high as you can by keeping it straight. After that, lift up your toe and try to touch your toe. For this, you will have to raise your body at an angle of 45deg. Hold your position for few seconds and breathe normally and come back to the normal. Practice and repeat the same 5times.


flat tummy

This pose is like a downward facing dog and help in boosting up your metabolism and in keeping your abdomen muscles active for the entire time.
INSTRUCTIONS- you need to sit like a dog and exhale and lift up your hips by straightening your legs and arms to form an inverted V. you must keep your straight and your hands should be shoulder apart by looking towards your navel. Try to hold the same for a minute and breathe normally and repeat this pose 5times.


flat tummy

This wind pose will help in toning your abs, hips, thighs and even relieving the back pain. It also helps in improving your overall health and boosting metabolism.
INSTRUCTIONS- all you need to do is first lie on your back by keeping your arms at sides. Then stretch your legs and bend your knees and try to bring it towards your chest area while exhaling. Now hold your bent legs with your hands and exert a little pressure on your tummy. Try to hold for 3min and then come back to normal. Repeat the same for 5times.


flat tummy

This pose is very effective as it melts the fat from your belly easily.
INSTRUCTIONS- first lie down on your back with straight legs and hands by your sides. Breathe in and stretch your body the most. Then lift up your legs at an angle of 45deg with floor initially and then at 90deg straight and hold for the 30s. Slowly come to normal and repeat the same 5times.

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