In this polluted world, most of the people are suffering from allergic coughing. Generally, coughing can be caused by various reasons such as infections, viruses, environment, etc. An allergic cough is caused by specific allergens such as dust, pollutants, vapors, etc. When these allergens enter into our body they start irritating the inner linings of your throat, nose and even your lungs. Due to this, it leads to inflammation of the lining which further causes a cough. Here you get home remedies for an allergic cough.

An allergic cough can interrupt you in your daily activities and may keep you awake at night. It is considered to be an acute disease which can be recurred and even can last 3days to 3weeks.


However, for those you mostly prefer to avoid chemicals for curing allergic cough, we provide the following home remedies for an allergic cough will surely help in curing you.


Salt is used as an anti-infective agent and helps to promote healing rapidly. Even the dental surgeons also recommend salt water gargle after surgery. For soothing your inflamed throat and relieving your cough just take 1/2tsp of salt and dissolve in a lukewarm water and gargle it. This will instantly relieve your pain in the throat. Repeat this gargle process at least 4-5 a day.


Honey and lemon possesses anti-allergic properties and is used as an anti-bacterial agent. If your sleep is getting disturbed at night due to a cough then lemon and honey are the best way to rescue it. All you have to do is just squeeze a lemon in lukewarm water and mix 1tsp of honey in it and drink it in. This will help in lightening your mucus and keep your respiratory well hydrated.


Remedies for allergic cough

Both of them are famous for getting instant relief from a cough. It is a traditional Ayurveda remedy also for an allergic cough. You have to just make a powder of dry ginger and pepper and mix it. According to your convenience either just take a pinch of the mixture on your tongue or mix a pinch of the mixture with 1tbsp of honey and take it in one go. Both the methods are helpful in curing allergic cough.


Ginger is the strongest inflammatory food item which helps in relieving your sore throat and even the airway inflammation. You can make 2 best remedies from it- either extract juice from fresh ginger and mix it with 1tbsp of honey and take 2 drops at a time or you can crush few slices of ginger and boil for 2-3min and just sip that tea whenever you need it.


Remedies for allergic cough
Top10 home remedies

Turmeric has anti-bacterial. Anti-inflammatory properties which treat infections. Just drink a glass of milk with ½ tsp of turmeric powder in it at least twice a day so that it can help in clearing your throat. So, you must drink that milk at night just before sleeping to avoid sleep disturbances and any kind of irritation.

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