Summers are going on, so most of you spend more in front of the AC rather going outside. This continuous sitting in front the AC will definitely gain your weight. Then you will try many ways which help in weight loss. You will be surprised when you get to know that Water is very important for your weight loss. It has been researched that drinking water can increase the calorie count which you burn which will help in weight loss.
Drinking water makes you stay hydrated and also helps in digestion. It helps to increase your metabolism and energy levels. Water has the ability to pinpoint your hunger levels which will help in weight loss.
To make your water bottle healthier.


Here we present the 5 most effective things which you can add into it to aid weight loss;


Weight loss

Lemons are the best way to lose weight. It possesses the high amount of pectic acids which is responsible for your weight loss. This pectic acid is a soluble fiber which helps in making you feel fuller, which in turn help you to eat less. Ultimately, it prevents you to gain weight. Just squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and drink it in early morning daily.


You will be surprised when you get to know about lemongrass. Lemongrass has been found an effective technique to lose your weight. It is very low in terms of calories. By taking lemongrass, the fat which is being deposited in your body will get melt and reduce. You can take lemongrass in water by just adding 2-3 grass in water and boil it and drink. Other than this, you can add lemongrass in your tea also.


Weight loss

Ginger and honey have many health benefits, so you have to add these to your daily diet. But apart from this, they both help in weight loss also. Ginger helps in burning your fat in the body, which helps in reducing your weight. Honey not only soothes your stomach but also break fatty material in your body also. You can take a honey-water mixture and same goes with ginger also and drink that water early morning daily for effective results.


Weight loss

Cucumber slices and mint leaves have been found an excellent food item which helps in losing weight. Cucumber slices not only helps in digestion but also aid in weight loss. You just need to mash the cucumber slices in your water and drink daily. On the other hand, mint leaves are very low in calories and keep your stomach cool in the summer by helping you to lose weight. You can add these leaves in your water or any other food.


Weight loss

Cinnamon is responsible for regulating the production of insulin in your body and breaking down the carbohydrates also. This will ultimately result in absorption of nutrients from the foods quickly which helps in making you feel fuller for some time. Cinnamons are the great ingredient for weight loss.

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