Last Updated on November 20, 2020

No one stays on with home food more than a week. For a change, we opt to dine out in a restaurant. As we eat more and more, the percentage of obese person increases but on the other hand, their wallets go on decreasing. It seems a difficult task to dine out in any restaurant when you want to lose weight. You have to shed off the calories as you want to lose weight. But with the delicious dishes served by the restaurants, you can’t control your tongue. This type of eating out in a restaurant is the perfect dish for obesity. But you have to train ourselves when to eat healthy in a restaurant when you have to lose weight.

5 smart eating tips to lose weight at any restaurant


The most important technique is first checking out the menu of the restaurant. Then check out the healthy ones just like salads, grilled items, low carb dishes, etc. But first, decide what you’ll order and be on your decision once you get in. These days most restaurants provide an online ordering facility so, first, you have to look at their menus and opt those which are healthy and help you to lose weight.


You have already picked up the dish which you have to order, but when you see your friend is ordering those which you can’t have. Then you start rethinking your boring low carb food. To escape from your friend’s tempting dish, place your order first. If you can’t order first, then stick to your decision. If you are eating in a restaurant which you visit often, then just ask for your favorite healthy one without checking out the menus.


Don't get seduced by words - how to lose weight in any restaurants

All those mouth-watering descriptions such as ‘juicy chicken breast’ or ‘honey chilly potatoes’ are the ones which you get seduced by their words. These mouth-watering words prepare your taste buds to expect that chicken or potatoes to taste. So, don’t just get seduced by these tempting words served by the menus if you want to lose weight.


The most dangerous thing for those who want to lose weight is before the actual meal that is the appetizers or sizzler tray which is loaded with fat. These snacks take away thirst for the healthiest dish. So, just avoid them at your best. Just go with the main course rather than these fatty snacks or appetizers.


Don’t wave off the dessert chart, just try to satisfy your sweet tooth with the fruits and that’s all. You can also practice the 3-bite rule with the delicious desserts. When you seriously want to have a check on your calorie count and on the other hand you want that tasty chocolate truffle cheesecake, the just go and have it, but by restricting yourself. Just take only 3 bites of that dessert and after that set it aside for few minutes. Then after those bites, you can ask the waiter to take away that dessert, unless your friend force you to finish the same.

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