The bodybuilding is a progressive regimen which you can start at any age. As a beginner, your success in bodybuilding would be as a result of your careful attention to the following:

Tips That Will Guarantee Massive Rapid Success in Bodybuilding

Here are the tips that will guarantee massive rapid success in bodybuilding:

#Capitalize on doing compound movements.

Success in Bodybuilding

 The basic movements to avoid trying any other possible exercise you see. Compound exercises normally target a muscle group simultaneously. Such movements constitute extending or flexing at least two joints. Some of the best exercises to try out are the shoulder press, squat, Lat pulldowns, and bench press.

 Bench press works on your shoulders, triceps, chest and to a small degree, biceps. Hamstrings and the squats are worked by the squat exercises at the same time; whereas the shoulder press works only on your triceps and shoulders. Free weights will help in building a solid foundation of muscle mass. Barbells and dumbbells will greatly help you build your muscle mass as a beginner.

#Always draft a training program and adhere to it.

Success in Bodybuilding

Follow a strict routine and sticking to it will be of great benefit to you; your personal trainer or your mentor in bodybuilding can help you come up with a program. The exact exercises you need to do is associated with the number of sets and reps per set. The exact things you do whenever you go to a gym.

 The most important thing is to train each muscle group every week and also avoid very few workouts. Just make every attempt to learn the correct form of each exercise. You have to begin with lower weights and progress as you learn the right form of each exercise. Then start increasing the weights periodically. Just take a note of how much you lift on each exercise and gradually increase the weight to increase your strength and which result in muscle gain.

#As you begin using big weights, consider using safety belts for your lower back protection.

Success in Bodybuilding

 It is because that you are likely to develop back problems if you don’t take extra precaution. Your diet should consist of a lot of proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Even you can take proteins from fish, chicken, eggs, nuts and dairy products. You have to take 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight to get the best results. Even you may add protein shake if you find it difficult to take enough proteins daily. Ensure that you avoid junk food and consume fast absorbing carbohydrates just after exercises as these are foods that are rich in sugar and flour. Avoid being hungry and eat as often as possible, with 4-5 meals per day that are taken every 3-4 hours; and take plenty of water.

# Ensure that you eat more calories than you burn in order to build your muscles.

Success in Bodybuilding

 You can calculate your Basal Metabolic rate (BMR) using this calorie calculator. Essentially, if you have an active lifestyle, you need more calories; but if your lifestyle is sedentary then you need fewer calories. Ensure to rest sufficiently to allow your body enough time to repair and build muscles. Normally, when sleeping, your body releases the HGH (growth hormone) during the REM part of sleep, which initiates muscle growth. Therefore, always avoid sleep deprivation as well; aim for 10 hours of sleep, and sleep for a minimum of 8 hours a night. Do not exercise every single day; your routine should consist of 3-4 workouts per week. Spend the rest of the days resting and recovering. Short recovery time will allow you to maintain the blood flow in your muscles and your strength drops set after set as more and more muscle stimulation is achieved. The most important thing to bear in mind is that if you don’t allow yourself recovery time, your muscles will experience improper healing and make you train exhaustively soon.

#Exercise balancing your body part training.

Success in Bodybuilding

The major muscle groups such as shoulders, back, squads and chest require 9-15 sets in a week whereas minor muscle groups such as calves, hamstrings, triceps, biceps, and abs require 6-9 sets within a week. Now you are able to get on track and progressively make great gains. Another important thing is that your body type matters a lot.

The admission season is at Delhi University North Campus and making it through it isn’t easy. But who says you can’t get some help?
Gather around soon to be DU fuchchas cause your first class is in session. The admission season is coming and honestly, it’s pretty tough out there. You’re going to be traveling a lot, the sheer variety of colleges and courses are bound to have you in a tizzy and suddenly the world would feel a little more confusing. But don’t let that stress you out. As they say, knowing is half the here your guide to Delhi University North Campus colleges, including their courses how to reach them and nearby markets where you can grab your grab.

North Campus

Admissions 2019: Your Guide to DU North Campus Colleges


North Campus

It is one of the most prestigious institutes for higher learning in commerce and Economics.
Popular courses
BA(Hons) in economics ,BCom (Hons) ,MA in economics
MCom ,PGDM in Global Business Operations


North Campus

Established in 1954, the college has been awarded an A+ grade by NAAC and boasts of an incredible list of alumni
Popular courses
BCom , BSc(Hons) in zoology ,BSc(Hons) in chemistry
BSc in physical science with computer science


North Campus

Is it ranked top among all colleges offering Business Economics
Popular courses
Certificate course in French language, BCom, BCom(Hons)
Diploma in business journalism and corporate communications


North Campus

It has been awarded A+ grade by NAAC. It has produced alumni who are leaders in various fields
Popular courses
BA (Hons) in economics, M.Com BCom(Hons)
BSc (Hons)in geology and computer science


North Campus

It is a woman only college and offers additional courses in foreign languages and women and development apart from the regular options
Popular courses
BA (Hons) in economics, BA(Hons) in music
BA (Hons) in psychology, BSc in biochemistry


North Campus

It is one of the best colleges in the North campus and in India established in 1948, it is known to have initiated science education for women in DU. It is also one of the greenest colleges on campus.
Popular courses
Certificate in French. , B.EL.Ed
BA (Hons) in English, MA in economics
BSc in physical science with computer science


North Campus

It is one of the first three colleges established under DU. The College has one of the best department of mathematics in the varsity.
Popular courses
BCom(Hons),. BA (Hons) in economics
MSc (Hons) in physics, certificate in French,


North Campus

Founded back in 1881 as an all-boys institution it accepted women as students after 1975
Popular courses
BA (Hons) in economics, BSc (Hons) in physics
BSc( Hons) in chemistry, MA in English, MA in economics

May practice bodybuilding for recreational purposes or simply as an avenue to increase your personal health and boost your self-confidence. Bodybuilding leads to a fit mind as well as a fit body. Once you make it your lifestyle, you may also take it a notch higher and do bodybuilding as a competitive sport, where you may gain international exposure and win many accolades.


Bodybuilding: Why We Have To Do It?

Some of the notable benefits of bodybuilding include the following:

Improving Your Body Health


The risk of developing coronary heart disease is reduced through it. When you exert more effort or consume energy, your heart gets exercised through the heartbeats. Through regular exercising, your heart muscles get strengthened. Note: Sometimes the intensity of natural bodybuilding can have detrimental effects on your heart. For instance, lifting more than half your body weight may contribute to the risk of tearing your aorta. Therefore, it’s prudent to undertake screening tests before doing any heavy lifting. Undertaking aerobic exercises such as biking or running also strengthens your heart and protects it against adverse effects of bodybuilding. However, when considering taking part in long-term bodybuilding activities that may involve lifting heavy weights, always consult your doctor before beginning.

✓ Engaging in such physical activities as aerobic exercises and weight training gives you a good opportunity to reduce and control high cholesterol, obesity, and high blood pressure.


✓ It also strengthens your bones. How does it do that? Well, weight-bearing activities and intense body movements have long-term effects of stimulating the production of signals that increase your bone mineral density. When your bones are strained, your body responds by making your bones stronger. Normally, aging leads to a decrease in bone strength that may make them become brittle and easily prone to fracture. It increases your bone density to the point of lessening the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis. As you go on exercising in old age, you can easily reverse your bone loss tendencies.

✓ It can help increase your muscle mass. So how does it do that? Well, when you undertake long-term exercises, your body becomes stronger and leaner. Usually, as you age, you start losing muscle mass and strength. It leads to increased production of anabolic hormones. For instance, compound exercises like deadlift and squat enhance production of HGH (growth hormone) and testosterone that transforms your body by helping you maintain your muscle mass and strength, thereby keeping you bigger, stronger and more self-confident.

Increasing Your Strength And Flexibility


By training through the full range of motion, your joints become very flexible and can withstand any stress. Additionally, you are able to do away with chronic pains and aches such as backaches and any pains in the joints. Also, it helps you to gain strength to lift heavy loads; since your level of endurance and balance are also enhanced.

Weight/Fat Loss


It entails lots of physical activity. When you think about it; this increases your body’s energy demands, which essentially means that your body will have to source for the energy from somewhere. If you maintain your normal diet (assuming you don’t overeat), you will essentially be creating a calorie/energy deficit when you exercise thus prompting your body to seek alternative sources of energy. The immediate source of this energy (now that the dietary calories are not enough) is stored body fat. This ends up burning and reducing your stored body fat reserves, which could end up making you lose weight (if that’s your goal). Moreover, the fact that it results in improved muscle composition mean you will essentially have a generally higher metabolic rate i.e. your body will burn more fat even while you are at rest.

Gaining A Better Posture And Better Looking Body


Regular training helps you to increase your muscle size, burn body fat and develop a better body. In fact, your musculature becomes very impressive. Furthermore, by regularly training your core and back muscles, you can prevent any cases of muscle imbalances and fix any disproportion. You are likely to end up with a straight back giving you a more attractive look.

Making You Happier


Since it is a sport, it stimulates your body to secrete endorphins hormones, which reduces pains and makes you feel happier and better. This is best applied in stressful moments, when having mood swings or when suffering from depression. Bodybuilding exercises can prevent all these cases. Now that you are aware of the perks that come with bodybuilding, I know you are excited to get started. So where should you start? Well, for starters, you need to understand is highly personalized. Therefore, what may be ideal for one person may not be ideal for you. This doesn’t mean you need something highly specialized though; you can start from somewhere i.e. knowing your body type. That’s what we will be learning next.

Lots of guys fear the treadmill, believing it has a mystical ability to shrivel up muscle, gain weight and sap strength. And some bodybuilder types bash cardio simply because they don’t like doing it. It is clearly witnessed that excessive cardio can cause muscle loss, what about moderate cardio? Does it interfere with your muscle growth, or does it help?

Gain Weight

Myth: Can’t Do Cardio if Want to Gain Weight

Actually, it can go either way:


The 3 primary ways that cardio will help you build (and retain) more muscle are:

Improves muscle recovery.

Improves your body’s metabolic responses to food.

Keep up your conditioning and making the transition from “bulking” to “cutting” would be easy on your body.


Gain Weight

The intense exercise that cause damage to your muscle fibers, which must be repaired. The damage is the main cause of the soreness that you feel in a following a workout and is popularly known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The cardio exercise will help your body gain weight and to repair muscle damage more quick as it increases the blood flow. This helps your body build the muscle back up more quickly and remove the waste, which results in an all-around faster recovery.


Gain Weight

All nutrients which are eaten would be sucked into the muscles and is either absorbed or burned off and none would result in fat storage in your body. When we are on diet to lose weight, all energy needs would met by burning fat, not the muscle. The reality, however, is that our bodies do these things to varying degrees. Other people are more likely to store excess calories as fat and to lose muscle when they restrict calories for weight loss. Hormones like testosterone and cortisol play major roles in this. Higher levels of testosterone promote more muscle and less fat, whereas higher levels of cortisol promote less muscle and more fat. But unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about either beyond injecting ourselves with dangerous drugs. Our genetics have set our normal physiological hormonal ranges, and that’s that. All is not lost if you’re not of the genetic elite, though.

Gain Weight

Insulin sensitive people is highly beneficial when you’re eating a good amount of calories to build muscle, whereas insulin resistance inhibits muscle growth and promotes fat storage under the dietary conditions. Genetics affect natural levels of insulin sensitivity as well, but you can take various steps to manipulate this mechanism.


Gain Weight

The most common issue in bodybuilding world is the reduction in cardiovascular fitness when focusing only on heavy weightlifting for month. Added stress will make weight loss physically and psychologically tougher and can even results in accelerate muscle loss. Those who keep doing cardio regularly seem to better retain the ability to oxidize fat.


Gain Weight

As I said to introduce this myth, cardio can both hurt and help muscle growth.
Two primary ways that can negatively affect your gains are by reducing your caloric surplus too much (gain weight)  and by causing you to over-train.
The surplus issue is pretty moot, though, if you watch what you’re burning.

Normal cardio sessions don’t burn that many calories (a few hundred at most), which is easy enough to correct (eat a pile of fruit afterward, for instance). Hard gainers have more to worry about in this regard as they usually have trouble eating enough gain weight as it is. Low-intensity cardio stimulates the appetite, so including some every week can help ensure you eat enough.


Gain Weight

The positives of including cardio in your workout session when you’re bulking outweigh the negatives, especially considering the fact that the negatives are easily dealt with. Most common point at which the added cardio will impair your strength gains and muscle growth will depend on your genetics and conditioning.
If you find that even that much HIIT negatively impacts your strength, then opt for a few sessions of low-to-moderate cardio each week instead. That will still be enough to enjoy the benefits of cardio while avoiding its drawbacks.

In most endeavors in life, you can expect to receive rewards in proportion to what you give in time and effort. Work more and harder in your career, and you’ll grow your business or earn promotions and raises. Spend more time with friends and family, and you’ll build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. Practice longer and more diligently on your golf swing, and you’ll shave strokes off your game. Exercise—and weightlifting in particular—is a bit different, however. There’s a point where exerting more effort actually become Overtraining.


MYTH: Overtraining and Longer Workouts are Better

Most people are aware of this concept, but they don’t know how easy it is to overtrain or how to spot it. You see people overtraining all the time. The guys that spend 2+ hours working for a single muscle group, doing set after set after set, are overtraining without realizing it. They don’t understand why they don’t get bigger or stronger despite their long, grueling workouts. The more effort they put into growing their chest, they figure, the more it will grow. That’s not how it works, though. Your body can only take so much before it becomes afflicted with what’s known as overtraining.



Overtraining is simply an imbalance between work and recovery. When you put too much stress on the body and don’t give it the proper amount of rest, various undesirable things happen. The common side effects are a state of chronic fatigue, depression, and underperformance despite rest, but it’s not always that extreme or obvious. There are other, subtler signs of overtraining that you should know and watch for so you can stop the process before you hit the point where you require an extensive—several weeks’ long in some cases—recovery.

What follows is a list of signs that you may be overtraining.


If you’re only experiencing one of the symptoms, it may not indicate overtraining. But if you’re experiencing several, chances are you need to take a rest week (5–7 days of no exercise or very light training has always handled it for me). Getting a proper amount of sleep is also a key part of preventing overtraining. Seven to eight hours per night is generally considered optimal. The last crucial element is a proper diet that fully provides your body with everything it needs to repair itself.



When your body is overtrained, you won’t be able to lift the weights you normally can, you won’t have the energy to do as many sprints, you won’t have the stamina to run your normal route, and so forth. Even though you’re hitting the gym every day, you’ll feel progressively weaker, slower, and more lethargic. I’ve had it so bad before that I couldn’t stop yawning in the gym and couldn’t possibly push myself to do another set.



When hormones are normal, losing fat is simply a matter of increasing energy output over caloric intake, but when you’re overtraining, this no longer holds true. What gives? Your hormones get thrown out of whack. Testosterone levels plunge, and cortisol levels rise, which causes catabolism (the breakdown of muscle tissue) and increases insulin resistance and fat deposition. The end result? You train harder and watch your diet closely, but you get fatter.


I’ve yet to meet someone, not on drugs who can lift heavy, sprint hard, or engage in otherwise intense training every day of the week and still adequately recover. Unless you have Wolverine’s gift of regeneration, it’s absolutely vital that you take at least two days off weights per week and schedule at least one day of absolutely no exercise.


What I like to do is lift weights Monday–Friday and do cardio Sunday– Tuesday or Wednesday. That leaves Saturday as a full rest day.

You can intersperse your rest days throughout the week too:


Day 1: Weights Day
Day 2: Weights & cardio Day
Day 3: Cardio only Day
Day 4: Weights & cardio Day
Day 5: Weights & cardio Day
Day 6: Weights Day
Day 7: Full rest

You can play with this as much as you want so long as you take two days off weights and let yourself have one day of no exercise whatsoever. If you want to give your metabolism a little boost, don’t take two full rest days in a row.

Most women desire the same type of body. They want to be lean but not too skinny. They want to have some muscle definition, particularly in their arms, stomach, and legs. And they want to have a bubble butt that fills their jeans. And, amen! I’m all for that. To achieve this physique, the average woman needs to lose fat and add some muscle. Just losing the fat wouldn’t be enough as most women lack the muscle that gives an athletic look (leaving them with the common skinny-fat body type).



What is the best way to achieve these goals?


Conventional “wisdom” has women grinding away on the treadmill every day and working out with three-pound dumbbells. I’ve yet to see a woman achieve a fitness model physique by doing that. Achieving a lean, athletic look takes nothing more than having a good amount of muscle and low body fat percentage. Reducing body fat percentage is mainly a function of diet, but what’s the best way to build muscle?

Lifting weights, of course. And you’re probably not surprised that I recommend heavyweights. I can already hear you disagree. Women shouldn’t lift heavy weights because they don’t want to get bulky, right? Wrong. It’s incredibly difficult for a woman to ever reach the point of looking bulky, regardless of how hard or often she trains. The hormone that most directly regulates muscle growth is testosterone, and an average woman’s testosterone levels are a mere 5–10% of an average man’s.


In one study, post-exercise testosterone levels were 45 times higher in men than in women. This isn’t surprising when you consider that research has shown that resistance training doesn’t even increase testosterone levels in women—only growth hormone, estradiol (a type of estrogen), and cortisol.
If you’re a woman, I PROMISE you that you will never wake up one day disgusted with your bulky physique if you lift heavy weights (heavy for YOU, but light for weightlifting guys) and stay lean. Getting to the point of having large, protruding muscles is a very gradual, grueling process that you would have to consciously work at every day, and it would take years.



If you’re a woman and you’re still not quite sold on weightlifting yet, these health benefits of building your muscles, as discussed in a study conducted by the University of Texas, will change your mind::

-Your chances of developing diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cancer are significantly reduced.

-Your bones become stronger.

-Your metabolism speeds up because muscle, even when idle, burns energy. This makes it easier to stay lean.

-Your life expectancy increases.

-Your immune system becomes stronger.


And what about your physique? Well, gaining muscle does wonders for that too. Strong, well-developed muscles are what give women the curves they love. Nothing improves your image more in and out of your clothes than lean, defined muscles. If all that isn’t enough, then you should also know that maintaining a strong, well-muscled body helps you age better.

Research has shown that greater muscle mass percentage in older women is associated with better mobility, lower body weight, and lower body fat levels. Now, what qualifies as heavyweight for a woman?
The weight that is heavy enough to limit you to 8–10 repetitions. Lifting heavy weights (relative to your strength, of course) is just the fastest way to change your physique.


If you’re a woman and you want to be toned, sexy legs and around, tight butt, then you can’t beat an intense workout of “boy exercises” such as barbell squats, Romanian deadlifts, and barbell lunges.
If you want sleek, defined arms, the quickest way to get there is by going heavy on exercises like dumbbell curls, straight-bar curls, and EZ-bar curls. Women, it’s time to put down the pink play weights and get sexy by lifting with the guys! (They’ll find it pretty hot, too.)

Before you can get that shredded 6 pack abs, you first need to understand how you can achieve it from a scientific viewpoint. First up, let’s understand that everyone has some form of a 6 pack ab. Sure, it might be hidden or shaped differently, but the amount of abdominal definition and the quality of it is reliant on a few, simple, key variables:

6 Pack Abs

6 Pack Abs: All You Need To Know About Getting Abs Faster

Here’s we present all the information for getting 6 pack abs faster;

Body Fat Levels

6 Pack Abs

This is the overall amount of body fat your body has. For many people, this figure is too high, and you’ll never be able to reveal your 6 pack abs unless this is lessened. You can have the world’s best (hardest) abs, but if your body fat content is too high, you’ll never see them (nor will anyone else).

Abdominal Muscle Mass

6 Pack Abs

Once you have become lean enough, you can do additional ab work, and the increased ab muscle mass will lead to an improvement in ab definition and thickness. Genetics and Abdominal Structure Some individuals tend to store less body fat around their midriff and might seem to have been handed some excellent ab genetics, giving them a very-worthy cover model, or 6-pack look. But not to worry, even if that doesn’t sound like you, my system works for all body types.

Stubborn Areas and Body Fat Storage

6 Pack Abs

Many people store surplus fat around their stomach area. This, in turn, requires them to diet a little harder and to reduce that stubborn fat around the belly, (midriff or core). For a high number of people, the primary focus should be shedding (or stripping back) body fat. This is more crucial around the belly. Some have sufficient ab muscles (core) to give them a head-turning 6-pack, already. All they have to do is become lean enough for it to show. Once you become leaner and can start seeing your 6-pack, then you can add some ab-specific work to help increase your abdominal density and thickness.

Body Fat Level; How Much Is Required?:


6 Pack Abs

With a body fat percentage below 14%, men can start showing their 6-pack form. Yet, under 10% body fat gives a broader, cover model look, allowing for a more-defined 6-pack, while revealing the lower abs, also.


6 Pack Abs

Women tend to find they store more body fat than men in general. Once they hit the 20% mark, they can likely start to see their ab outline. This can turn out to be further defined and even more obvious around the 16% mark. Many women can get under 14% body fat when they use the best training methods because fat is stored around organs for protection, during childbirth, especially. The universal 10% body fat rule that most individuals/trainers endorse is perfect. You can go for more or less later, depending upon how you feel, and what seems right for you.

Eating to Promote Your 6-Pack

6 Pack Abs

If your primary goal is to reduce your overall body fat level, then your diet will play a substantial role in this, too. By targeting your nutrition, you can efficiently burn body fat which then helps to reveal your abs and give you that fantastic 6-pack look. And one you can boost with exercise. When a healthy diet is combined with the above exercise methods (HIIT and resistance training), you will start to notice results really soon.
When you have a well-designed healthy weight loss/nutrition plan, you will see there are a few essential variables to master. Here is a quick overview:


6 Pack Abs

Protein is crucial when losing fat. Research shows it can help double weight loss while still protecting the hard-earned muscle you already have.

Total Calories:

6 Pack abs

Total calorie intake or energy balance or is also imperative. Initially, you must consume fewer calories than your body requires. This helps force it to burn your stored body fat. As a general rule for quick weight loss, I suggest you target around 11 to 12 calories per 1 lb. of overall body weight. For an individual weighing 200 lbs., this equates to 2200 – 2400 calories per day. This is just a small amount of information pertaining to six packs, but I have a complete guide and formula in my title “The six-pack formula” it’s completely Free to check it out.

Let’s take a look at the importance of the “Three Pillars” as a concept for our ongoing focus for successful weight training. When we look at this pivotal strategy, we can gauge the key areas of focus placement, which can, therefore, bring about success, growth, and health maintenance that is safe, result-based and positive in nature. As with any new regime or plan, the importance of health and safety are always the priority. When the three pillars are maintained, the results are more definitive and progressive. Additionally, safety and health will remain at the forefront, and as an ongoing necessity in the weight training goal.

Three Pillars

Three Pillars for Bodybuilding

With a complete focus on the three pillars, you can consistently bring great results, over time. And, in reality, the need for great results is the purpose of weight training, for us to meet our end goals.

The 3 Pillars Are:




Your muscles will survive and thrive on the homeostasis of your body. That’s certainly true. So, when you make sure the three pillars are maintained, then you too, not only survive but thrive. And that’s the goal here; to give your body the chance to thrive from a weight training perspective.


Three Pillars

Sleep and sleep maintenance are important factors in achieving homeostasis for the body. And when the body has ample sleep, it can perform really well. Homeostasis is the “perfect” harmony needed at a cellular level for the body to be performing at its optimal point. The cells can achieve repair, growth and much-needed healing when homeostasis is maintained. That means the cells in the muscles and connective tissue have the chance to grow well, too. Because, as you know, they are made up of cells. And they will also be able to recover more easily and efficiently in a “homeostatic” environment. Treating them right is paramount. It is key.

Guidelines for Sleep

  • 7 to 8 hours per night
  • Be in a relaxed state before going to sleep
  • Turn off electronic devices 1 to 2 hours before sleep to assist the ease
  • Yoga and meditation can aid sleep promotion
  • Make the room as dark as possible- sleeping masks are recommended


Three Pillars

Regular training is key Train with a 3-day, split routine In weight workouts, focus on compound movements (big muscle groups) Focus on the larger muscle groups – upper back, chest, shoulders, calves, thighs, arms, and abdominals Positivity is key Reward yourself with positive affirmations and stress-free downtime


Three Pillars

Eat 3 to 5 well-balanced meals each day Include “flesh” foods like fish, pork, chicken, beef, eggs, and milk Supplement your diet with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from nutritious foods not vitamin tablets Balance is Key To have optimal muscle growth, the three pillars must be in balance.


Three Pillars

All three are just as are as important as each other. A regime where proper sleep and training are undertaken; but where a bad diet is allowed, will not work. In this instance, the muscles will repair slowly, and injuries can occur from unhealed and overworked muscles. Proper diet and great training without the sleep will see the denotation where the same situation applies. And because the muscles are not rested, therefore, they do not repair and grow.
And lastly, good eating habits with great sleep; in conjunction with a poor training regime, will not work either. In this instance, there will not be the right resistance to the muscles for them to adapt and grow properly.
The three pillars create a homeostatic environment for the cells (and therefore, muscles) to grow, heal, repair and maintain health, for the long term. Write the three pillars down on your goal board to help you remember the importance of them. This is the most pivotal addition to your success. And remember this key concept can mean the difference between success and failure.

Yoga is not a fitness fad. It’s a way of life. And what’s said to be a 5000 -year-old practice for the wellness of the body, mind and soul has diversified into innovative forms, benefits intact. We’re talking about quirky derivatives such as Beer Yoga, Doga, Naked Yoga, classes for which are organized in the city. On International Yoga Day, today, which one will you pick, Delhi?

International Yoga

International Yoga Day 2019: Stretch Some More, But Different

Let’s celebrate International Yoga Day by learning new forms of yoga;


International Yoga

Acro yoga is performed by combining acrobatic formations and postures of yoga. It blends traditional yoga, circus tricks and acrobatics. It aids blood circulation, keeps the body fit and enhances flexibility. It is unstructured and fluid as compared to traditional yoga. It might be growing art form with small groups of people participating in it as of now, but it will gain immense popularity.


International Yoga

Beer yoga is quite a heady form, one can say that it incorporates beer drinking into yoga poses. Sounds like a perfect scene for a party, right? It’s more about balancing the bottle on your head or taking sips while settling into a pose. This yoga reduces the risk of heart attack and protect against diabetes. It is also sometimes prescribed to marathon runners as a recovery drink.


International Yoga

Doga is yoga with your dog, performed using pets as props or well, partners. It is very beneficial because pets can be therapeutic. The dogs themselves aren’t doing anything. Rather, they are cathartic. This form of yoga releases stresses and makes the bonding between you and your pet stronger.


International Yoga

Aqua yoga is performed under water. Water has buoyancy. It helps you to hold a stretch for longer. Exercising in water helps in toning your muscles. Also, there’s no age bar and it is very safe to perform. Anyone can do it, young or old. It provides relief to the spine and joints. It’s very effective and the best thing about this yoga form is that you are not able to feel the sweat.


International Yoga

Aerial yoga is an aerial adaption of the traditional form of yoga. Hop into a silky sling-like hammock hanging from the ceiling and get going with the yoga poses. There’s a rising demand for this type of yoga form. And it’s not only fun but a full-body workout, engaging every muscle in your body. You are off the ground hence the asanas involve your core and strengthen it. And the inversions incorporated in the aerial yoga sequences improve blood circulation.


Well, naked yoga is performed without any clothes on your body. This is one of the ancient forms of yoga, which is not so popular in India. Naked yoga has been practiced by Rishi-munis and Tantriks. It enables you to release all inhibitions and accept your body and your flaws in a world where everyone desires to attain a specific body or physique.

When summer comes then the battle to find the right thirst quenchers starts. You cannot depend upon the aerated drinks always. As these aerated drinks are combined with large amounts of calories which is responsible for adding unnecessary body weight in us. You have to switch these drinks by taking the natural ones. Natural drinks possess many healthy ingredients and are very cool for summers. These naturals are very helpful in beating the heat in summers.

Right Thirst Quenchers

Beat The Summer With The Right Thirst Quenchers

Here’s are some right thirst quenchers that will help in beating the summers;


Right Thirst Quenchers

The most natural drink after regular water to keep oneself hydrated. It is naturally refreshing and boasts of a sweet nutty taste. Coconut water is the clear liquid that is extracted from a young green, usually a harvest between 5-7 months. It rehydrates the body as it comprises processed carbohydrates in the form of electrolytes and sugar, which in turn help in balancing the water levels in the body.


Right Thirst Quenchers

Possibly the most popular beverage in the world, it helps to energize your body as well as kill your thirst. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C and helps in improving digestion, cleanses your body and reduces the risk of experiencing heartburn or bloating.


Right Thirst Quenchers

The beverage is traditionally served in earthen clay pots or ‘matka’, which aid in providing the instant coolness that is associated with the drink. This smoothie-like drink is made from yogurt and boasts of a creamy texture. It is sweet in flavor but can also be enjoyed in a savory form. It is an excellent digestive drink and helps in energizing the body as well.


Right Thirst Quenchers

Perfect to beat the summertime heat, it also serves as an energy drink. A glass of cold sugarcane juice can help to rebuild the depleting energy level in your body. it is rich in antioxidants, acts as a diuretic and helps to keep your liver strong. It is loaded with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.


Right Thirst Quenchers

This Aam Panna is a very popular and delicious drink as it is loaded with mangoes. It is a refreshing drink which is made by using raw mangoes which are the best source of Vitamin C and also act as an antioxidant by preventing us from several diseases. This drink also gives your body a cooling effect by beating the heat stroke and also keeps hydrated.