Best Home Remedies that cure you of Viral Fever

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Last Updated on December 30, 2020

Due to the changing weather, most of the people are suffering from many diseases like vomiting, dengue, typhoid, food poisoning, etc. But one of the most common diseases which all the people are suffering nowadays from viral fever.

Most of the people are suffered from viral fever which is caused by the bacteria which is transferred from one person to another by the air or by direct contact.

When an ill person coughs, sneezes, yawns or even he/she talks they tend to spread tiny particles of fluid which contains many kinds of bacteria and virus from the body of that person.

If you are close enough, these bacteria enter your body through your nose or mouth and infect you. Once you get infected it takes hardly from 16 hrs to 48 hrs to convert into an infection.

If you are suffering from viral fever it is best that you take enough rest and have warm soothing food like soup and Khichidi till you get better. If you are suffering from severe indications just as fever, extreme body pain, etc. You should consult your doctor for medicines which helps in getting some relief.

A number of people tend to self-medicate during such times, relying on antipyretics, analgesics, and antibiotics to help them out, but remember that self-medication is a bad idea.



You should aim to drink at least a glass of water in every 2hrs. Your body can quickly lose moisture and get dehydrated by sweating or sneezing caused by illnesses, such as colds and flu, that are often associated with a fever. Dehydration can rise up your body temperature and even leads to a severe headache, uncomfortable feeling, cramps, low blood pressure.


Wear loose, comfortable clothes when you have a fever to help your body relax and improve air circulation to help you stay cool. You should remove excess clothes or blankets which can catch heat and make your fever for a longer period. So, you should try to use the lightweight clothes, blankets or sheets to sleep.


Getting enough rest helps your body heal faster by strengthening the immune system. Avoid moving around too much. You should take off from your work to get more sleep than you generally do. It has been found that lack of sleep can make the immune system weak, increase the manufacturing of stress hormones and then you are in the risk for chronic diseases and your life expectancy can also decrease.


If bathing facilities are not available or do not sound appealing, use a moist towel instead. You should soak hand towels in lukewarm water and put them on the forehead or even under the arms. This will help in stimulating the sweat which helps in keeping your body cool, also improves circulation of blood and can reduce nasal congestion which is caused by a cold. Try to use cold water, an ice pack, and even you should take a cold shower which can make you shiver, this can increase the core temperature.


You can cure many fevers at home, but there are some specific fevers which requires consultation with a doctor the home remedies will not affect much in that case. If you are having a temperature between 103dg-105dg, in such a case you should always visit your doctor even though you are on a medication and if your temperature does not fall down then within 24 hrs you should consult the doctor.

Home remedies for your fever

  • Coriander tea
  • Dill seeds decoction
  • Tulsi leaves
  • Rice Starch
  • Dry ginger mixture

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