If you are a pizza lover and want to eat all the time. If you crazy about pizzas here is good news for eating pizza is healthier for you. According to research pizza is considered as healthy food.


Eating pizza is healthier

Pizza is probably a healthier breakfast than a bowl of cereal. It’s got protein. It’s got carbs. It might even have vegetables. That hot slice of cheesy goodness is a balanced breakfast if we’ve ever seen one. You will get shocked to the notice that one slice of pizza and a full dish of cereals with full cream milk contains approximately the same number of calories.

If you’re eating a freshly-made, thin-sliced pizza with fresh tomatoes and a sprinkle of cheese, it can be a somewhat nutritious meal with carbs and protein. But if you’re eating two giant slices that are covered in cheese and oil, it’s likely over 600 calories and pretty high in saturated fat, eating pizza is healthier than any other food.


Eating pizza is healthier

Pizza is a healthier breakfast choice than cereal, a registered dietician claims. However, pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning. The label of certain meals can be useless and what we are really be focusing on which is the nutritional value of your food choices, instead of the calorie content. This is because not all calories are equal. Some cereals contain large amounts of sugar and have next to no protein or healthy fats to keep you full.

You should always be eating a healthy and well sensible breakfast which includes some ratio of proteins. This is something that breakfast cereals may be lacking. We also need to be aware of the added sugar content in cereals as some of them are surprisingly high.


Eating pizza is healthier

A slice from a medium, thin-crust, cheese pizza from Pizza Hut has 180 calories, 22g carbs, 8g proteins, 2g fiber and 3g sugar. If you doctor your pizza up with a whole-wheat crust topped with fresh veggies, the nutritional profile gets better. A bowl of Kellogg’s cereals contains 300 calories and 33g sugar.

Some cereals are loaded with sugary ingredients like marshmallow and chocolate chips and they are not more nutritious than a standardly packaged dessert.

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