Nowadays, the tendency of alcohol consumption is increasing more rapidly than ever before. The youth are also sailing in the same boat. They are not far behind. Some doctors also suggest alcohol. If it is desirable quantity, it has a good effect on digestive system. But if it is taken in more quantity, it becomes harmful to the health. In fact, alcohol affects the nervous system of the people directly. If a person takes alcohol in large quantity, his nervous system becomes too excited. More quantity of alcohol makes a person unconscious.

Alcohol Consumption

Effects of Too Much Alcohol Consumption on Our Body

Too much alcohol consumption has the following effects on the systems of a person’s are;

1 Effects on the nervous system

Alcohol Consumption

Regular drink in large quantity definitely affects the nervous system of a person. Brain and nerves of the person become weak. These nerves do not have proper control of muscles. The reaction time of such person increases. Concentration power declines. Neuro-muscular coordination decreases. As a result of these effects, the person performance in daily life declines.

2 Effect on digestive system

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol affects the organs of the digestive system. The membrane of digestive organs becomes fatty. The digestive juice which helps in digestion, are produced in less quantity, hence the food is not digested properly. The intake of food becomes lesser and lessor. Hence the energy level of a person decreases. Consequently, his fell ill.

3 Effects on the muscular system

Alcohol Consumption

Muscles of the person are Alos affected by the regular consumption of alcohol. The expansion and contraction capacity of the muscles become less. These muscles cannot exert maximum force. The cardiac muscles lose their strength and finally, a person becomes weak and unable to perform in daily lifestyle.

4 Effects on excretory system

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol also affects the organs of the excretory system. These organs lose their efficiency. Consequently, waste products like acid phosphate, lactic acid, etc, get deposited in the body. These waste products are not removed from the body. Failure of kidneys is common in such people. The liver is usually damaged by alcohol, hence recycle of waste products does not take place properly.


Alcohol Consumption

It can be said that alcohol has a negative effect on the daily performance of a person. In fact, it leads to impairment of neuromuscular coordination. It affects the health of a person. Reaction time increases. Concentration power also declines. As a result of these effects, the daily lifestyle of a person decreases tremendously and make people soo much ill.

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