Know Your Body Type and Then Choose The Workout

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Most individuals aren’t all one particular typeset. You might not be totally ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph. So, now it seems like it could get tricky. But it won’t; don’t worry! It’s alright, and there’s no need to panic because you’re probably closer to your body type than any other. So, go with the one that fits the best. Then you can learn how to train for that one.

Body Type

Know Your Body Type and Then Choose The Workout

Here we provide you the information regarding your body type and also how to choose the workout accordingly:

Ectomorph Training

Body Type

These types must be careful not to overtrain, and make sure they allow a maximum amount of time for both rest and recovery. Actually, ectomorphs should probably not train for more than two days in a row. The metabolism is geared so that this works out best. In addition, the workouts should be quick and “matter-of-fact,” rather than long, arduous, overbearing sessions. A time limit of one hour for any workout is the maximum required.

Body Type

Additionally, remaining focused on basic, compound movements and sets within the 8-10 rep requirement range, work well too. This type should not do higher reps, drop sets, super sets, or other intense paces that will strain recovery time. It’s best not to add other physical activities (on top of workouts) and it’s also very important that these types rest as much as possible in-between time. Overall, to improve muscle mass, avoiding the addition of long cardio routines is crucial, because these can tear down muscle tissue. The most important thing to do for these types is to focus the majority of the attention on preserving energy. This is so they can build, not break down, any subsequent muscle mass.

Endomorph Training

Body Type

These slower metabolism types benefit well from greater (overall) volume and frequency when it comes to training. Additionally, doing heavy, more-focused, cardio training is advisable. When this type focuses on lifting heavier weights, they can actually gain extra fat. If that’s not an issue on an individual level, then these types can power lift with lower reps and targeted rest between sets. To target bodybuilding only, and to carry less body fat, keeping the rest periods short is a key factor.

Body Type

A faster pace will burn off loads more calories, and the inclusion of supersets and drop sets will too. Keeping in line with a 10-12 rep range for the upper parts of the body, and then staying at around 12-20 reps for the lower body is suggested. For this type, it’s also important to maintain an even mix of both compound and isolation movements in a balanced way. Exercises such as squats and deadlifts will really help with metabolism functioning. These will burn far more calories than exercises like leg extensions or cable cross-overs, as examples. Skipping rest days is paramount for this type, too. Actually, for days that they’re not weight training or going to the gym, cardio should be the main focus point.

Mesomorph Training

Body Type

Here, these types can do any hard and consistent training. And, more than likely, they’ll probably yield spectacular results no matter what they do. In fact, they can work out for longer periods and target muscle groups more frequently, blessedly – with the ability to make major gains. Actually, working harder works amazingly-well for these types.

Body Type

So yes, workouts can be longer, in the 1 hour to the 90-minute range, and they should be made up of a mix of both compound and isolation movements. Repetitions can be between the (smaller) 4-6 range or as large as the 15-20 range. These types can really make fantastic progress, they should train with a smaller volume and frequency compared to a chemically-bound enthusiast. With regard to cardio exercise, these types should do that in moderation.

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