Sachin! Sachin!

All the people around the world know about this word. This is not only a word this is a brand and most famous brand in the world. All the people around the world is a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar. He still in the hearts of many people’s of all the age groups because he is the God of the cricket.

Sachin tendulkar

He is known as master blaster Sachin because he scored too many runs that is above the reach of any other sportsman.He started playing cricket when he was only 15 old. Cricket is not a game for him but his passion his love his everything is js cricket.
He played cricket for almost 24 years that’s why he also one of the fittest player in his time. For playing cricket for too many years he has to make him fit and also maintain him.


Here, we put some light on Sachin Tendulkar about his fitness regime and food eating habits.


Sachin tendulkar

If you think your role model put too much control on his diet to make himself fit and healthy you are totally wrong.He is totally a foodie and love to eat everything that he wants. He loves to eat Thai and Bengali foods which one of his favorites. But he also loves seafood and love to eat steaks and if you secret him Lobster prepared in Bengali style there is no chance that he can leave it for you.
Yess, he totally mad about food and a foodie like us who love to everything that his tongue demands but yes he also the fittest sportsman.


Sachin tendulkar

He generally not like to do exercises. He only plays cricket that makes him fit.In an interview, he says that he not like to do exercises but instead of that, he plays cricket from morning to evening and hours of fielding that will make him fit. Instead of the gym, he used to do running, aerobics and stretching exercises that are very helpful to him to maintain himself for the game.


Sachin tendulkar

He generally doesn’t do Dieting because he is a foodie and love to eat foods. But he revealed that he eats lots of boiled food when he is on the cricket tour to stay fit and healthy. In that period he doesn’t eat oily foods and any other foods that lead to digestion problem.Then he only wants boiled and steamed foods and lots of playing hours in the net to keep himself in shape.

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