Smoking Hookah: Is It Safer Than Smoking Cigarette?

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Last Updated on December 30, 2020

The most trendy and modern way to cope up with stress for most of the youngster is smoking hookah nowadays. It is commonly known as Shisha or Narghile, a hookah which is a water pipe combined with a smoke chamber.

This is specially made to heat the tobacco and allows the smoke to pass through the water and then it is drawn through a rubber pipe to a mouthpiece. This tobacco is not less dangerous in that hookah pipe than in the cigarettes. The water in the hookahs does not filter the harmful substances present in the tobacco smoke.

Hookah smokers are likely to inhale more tobacco smoke than cigarette smokers. This is because of the large volume of smoke that they inhale in one session which can continue as long as more than an hour.

Smoking Hookah: Is It Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes?

Here’s we present some facts which will help you in knowing which is safer.

1. Increase the Risk of Diseases

Unlike smoking cigarettes, hookah smoke also contains the amount of nicotine, tar, charcoal combustion materials from the heat source which is used to burn the tobacco. These are related to the increase of cancer-causing agents in that shisha smoke.

2. Delivers More Smoke

Water pipes of smoking hookah are exposed to more smoke than smoking cigarettes. This is because the hookah smoking session last more than an hour during which the smoker inhale as much as smoke from more than 100 cigarettes. Due to this, harmful effects hookah carries more toxic effects on your body.

3. Unhygienic

Most of us, us the same hookah pipes during a hookah smoking session. These water pipes are not cleaned properly and are sometimes unhygienic by most of the lounges. This can lead to spreading of many infectious diseases who are simultaneously using the same pipe to smoke. Due to this sharing of pipes may cause hepatitis or herpes to the person.

4. Reduce Lung Functioning

When you inhale a lot of smoke by smoking hookahs for around more than an hour. Then this will make your lungs weak gradually. Inhalation of a lot of smoke may reduce the functioning of lungs and it may lead to death soon.

5. The Problem for Pregnant Ladies

If the pregnant women smoke hookah during pregnancy then it will be a problem for both the baby and the mother. There are more chances of having the respiratory disease to the babies after the birth. As the mother is smoking which will pass onto the baby also in the womb. This will become very harmful to the health of the baby. Many kinds of research have found that the mother who smokes hookah are likely to conceive low weight babies as compared to the mothers who don’t.

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