You are in a habit of making many choices daily, just like which color of socks to wear. When it comes to making decisions that keep your heart healthy, it may seem difficult to choose better options when so many things seem easier or just more fun. You just need to take small steps in a heart-healthy direction and that begins by knowingly the healthy choices!

Heart healthy

Then it gets easier to make choices every day that help to keep you healthy
Your heart works hard for you nonstop for your whole life. With a dose of prevention, you can keep it beating healthfully throughout life.

Incorporate these habits into your lifestyle and your heart healthy will be the best it can be for you.

1.STOP SMOKING- No it’s hands or Butts

Heart healthy

Avoiding tobacco is one of the best way to protect your heart and blood vessels. In fact, smoking is one of the top controllable risk factors for heart disease that can destroy your heart healthy to worst. It can make a huge difference to not just your heart, but your overall health, too.


Heart healthy

If you’re carrying extra fat around your middle, it’s time to slim down. if you are taking few calories and are exercising more then it can also make a big difference on your body.


Having sex can be good for your heart. Sexual activity may add more than just pleasure to your life. It may also help to lower your blood pressure and risk of heart disease and make your heart healthy.


Heart healthy

You should consider by mixing in the can of black beans for an addition to boost up the heart-healthy fiber. If you take a diet which is rich in soluble fiber then it will help in lowering your level of bad cholesterol.


heart healthy

Whether you prefer a rumba or 2 step tune, dancing makes for a great heart-healthy workout. Just like many other types of aerobic exercises, it will help in raising your heart rate and carry out your lungs pumping. It will also help in  burning up to 200 calories or more in an hour.


Don’t just LOL in emails or Facebook posts. Laugh out loud in your daily life. Laughing can lower stress hormones, decrease inflammation in your arteries and raise your levels of high density or “good cholesterol”.


Heart healthy

If you are taking a moderate consumption of alcohol then it can help in raising your good cholesterol levels. It can also help in preventing blood clotting formation and also damaging arteries. RED WINE in particular may offer benefits for your heart. That doesn’t mean you should guzzle it at every meal. The simple technique is only to drink alcohol in moderate quantity.


Keeping your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol in check is important for good heart healthy. Take steps to reach and maintain those levels. And remember to schedule regular check-ups with your doctor.


Heart healthy

Yoga will also help you in improving your balance, flexibility and strength in your body. It will help you in relaxing and relieving stress from your mind. It also helps in demonstrating your potential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Heart healthy

Those dark chocolates which you love are not only delicious in taste, but also they are loaded with healthy heart flavonoids. These compounds help to reduce inflammation and lower your risk of heart disease and keep your heart healthy. Eaten in moderation, dark chocolate- not over sweetened milk chocolate- can actually be good for you.

Coconut is the most commonly available fruit that is easily accessible to all the people. Coconut water is not nuts; they are, the fruit of a tall palm COCOS with large, spreading fronds. It is as clean and pure a drink coconut water as you can get. This coconut water are neither loaded with any artificial preservatives nor does it require any additives. Most people who get fresh to drink coconut waterfall in love with it. Although, mild in taste, it satisfies thirst and refreshes the body.

Drink coconut water


Do you drink coconut water? If you don’t, then you might want to start today because there are many wonderful benefits of drinking coconut water.

1. Coconut water Vs sports drink

Drink coconut water

Coconut water is high in potassium, and such a great electrolyte replacement, it has even been used for IV hydration in certain emergency situations. It also helps in lowering the carbs as compared to the other sports drinks you take. It is only 4.5% loaded with carbs whereas the other sport drinks contains 6–8% carbohydrates. It is the best drink for athletes who are trying out to find their sugar intake and also hydrates them after so faster. Those who are a casual exercisers, this coconut water is the best low sugar hydration drink after your workout session.


Drink coconut water

A lot of water is lost as a result of profuse sweating during workouts it’s good to drink coconut water after workout. Every tissue and organ of the body requires minimum level of hydration for their proper functioning. It can restore fluid volume quickly in the blood and in the tissues because of its interstitial fluid and blood plasma.


Drink coconut water

Yes coconut water helps in weight loss of you drink coconut water everyday.You can slog away at the gym for hours and still be fat if your diet is not right. It also helps you out in reducing your food cravings and keeping you full for long period, so you will consume less calorie whole day therefore, drink coconut water everyday.


If your diet is loaded with more potassium, then it acts as a diuretic, which helps the kidneys to remove out the excess water, thus lowering your blood pressure. The element of potassium is not only the blood pressure lowering substance in the coconut water. This is also loaded with arginine which is required in relaxing the blood vessels and improving blood circulation in your body.


Drink coconut water

If you get hangover after a night party of heavy drinking, this is due to alcohol dehydrates your body and put up a lot of load on your liver which eliminates the accumulation of toxic wastes. For this coconut water is best as it rehydrates your body than regular water does. You should have a large glass of coconut water during a hangover which will instantly relieves your discomfort and also helps in curing the nausea.


Removing out the toxins which are present in your liver and even in kidneys, coconut water is truly the best drink when it comes in detoxifying your body off the radicals and waste products. So remember after you get back from a heavy wining and dining.


Coconut water contains anti-microbial powerhouse called lauric acid that helps protect against skin infections. It also contains proteins called cytokines that is responsible for encouraging cell growth and cell activation. They regulate signals in response to inflammation caused by acne and also have an anti-aging effect on the skin.

The young generation of the 21st century loves to eat fast food even their parents also love to eat fast food or say junk food because they are too much tastier than healthy foods. Yes, if you are a foodie and love to eat fast food it’s good to eat some fast foods in your meal like burgers, fries, noodles, pizzas, etc. Fast food is finger licking and mouthwatering and any person can attract them because they instantly satisfy your hunger and also it’s tastes awesome.

eat fast food

There is a question arises these fast food are healthy?

All the fast foods are very high in carbohydrates, added sugar, unhealthy fat and sodium these things are available in the fast foods and when we eat we add these things to our body.
Fast foods are highly rich in calories and lesser in nutrients they aren’t able to fulfill our bodily requirements that need to grow.

eat fast food


Here are the impacts of eating too much fast food;

1.Weight Gain

eat fast food

Fast food is loaded with high levels of saturated fats, transfer fats, sodium, and more amount of calories than people should have to consume in a meal. A 2008 Harvard review of 16 studies reported by PubMed concluded that fast food consumption may be worsening America’s obesity epidemic.  Even sweet food and soft drinks are also loaded high amount of sugar.

2.Diabetes and Heart disease

The excessive amounts of sodium in fast food can lead to elevated blood pressure. High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. A high diet of saturated fat and transfer fats also maximizes the risk of these kinds of diseases by blocking the arteries. The risk of stroke may be related to the number of fast food establishments in a neighborhood, according to a study published in the “Annals of Neurology” in August 2009.

3.Memory and Cognitive Function will Decline

eat fast food

Fast foods like bacon burgers, some fried foods and milkshakes can be high in saturated fats. “It’s been long established that saturated fats can negatively impact the heart, but there’s also research that suggests high saturated fat intake may negatively impact brain function and memory,” says Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD. She adds that higher intakes of saturated fatty acids may impair memory speed and flexibility and prospective memory.

4.Your teeth will decay

If you take soda frequently, this can leads to poor oral health. Drinking high amount of soda can increase the content of acid in your mouth, which can cause tooth decay and even cavities. Some of the fast food desserts, like ice creams and chocolates, can also cause tooth decay.

5.Cholesterol level rises

eat fast food

Many of the fast foods are served and derived from many animal products, are also deep fried and served with cheese and fatty dipping sauces. “The higher amount of fat in the fast food can increase the cholesterol levels, which can further cause atherosclerosis. That occurs when plaque builds up in the arteries and prevents the flow of blood to the heart and organs.What’s more, fast food can lower your good (LDL) cholesterol, by threatening your heart and health.

6.Weakening of bones

It has been mentioned that fast food is loaded with high amount of sodium. A Big Mac burger is loaded with  970 mg of sodium,  and its one-third is the daily limit. If you are taking a higher amount of sodium then it can make your bones weak, and further you can have chances of osteoporosis.

We can’t say totally neglect fast food but only to limit yourself. Eating fast food once or twice a week is fine but totally depends upon fast food can deteriorate your health.