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All the world knows about Virat Kohli. He is one of the most famous sports personality in the world. All the people love Virat Kohli not only because of a famous cricketer but also for his hot body and his physique that make him more attractive than any other sports personality. Usually, girls don’t have interest in cricket but all the girls around the world have a crush on him because he soo good looking and charming and one of the most handsome person.

virat kohli

It does not bother whether you love the game of cricket or not, you will never ever miss a person like Virat Kohli, the most popular Indian Cricketer in the world and the most cherish right-hand batsman. But Virat Kohli not looks like it is when he started his career. At that time he not so handsome and charming also he doesn’t have this beautiful physique.


Here is the secret behind Virat Kohli that makes him more perfect and crush of every girl.

1. Regular Exercises

Exercise daily, no matter what, take out some time to keep your body physically active. Kohli works out every day for at least two hours, five days a week. He never skips his workout even he is on tour, out of town or at his home.

virat kohli

2 Avoids junks food

All the peoples know that Virat is a foodie he loves to eat that taste incredibly but he avoids junk as far as possible and replaces it with healthy foods. Yes, he is a foodie but he also has to maintain himself and his fitness. He keeps a cheat day once in a week so that he can eat what he desires.

virat kohli

3.Go light at night

Virat Kohli eats light foods and low carbs diet at night.There is limited fat in his dinner so that he can’t put on weight. Eating fewer carbs and fats at night is very helpful in not gaining the weight on body.

virta kohli

4.Proper amount of sleep

He generally sleeps for almost 6 to 8 hours in a day. Sleep is the most important factor of our health that makes us healthy and fit. All the person who want fitter lifestyle and perfect physique they must have to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day.

virat kohli

5 Fitness is a lifestyle, not a need!

He always wanted to become the best cricket player in the world. This vision took him to an endless road where he never said ‘no’ to innovations and improvements. His outlook towards his fitness has changed after the IPL 2012. He feels to change and also he was inspired by the scope that unlocks you once you are properly fit. He decided to lead a healthy life and this helped him become one of the finest batsmen of the current generation.

virat kohli

Sample Diet Plan Inspired By Virat Kohli Diet;

Early Morning: 1 Glass of Evian Water + dried fruits and nuts
Breakfast: Lamb Chop Hash with Toast
Mid-morning: 1 Whole Fruit
Lunch: Freshly cooked pink salmon with a plate of salad
Evening: Dried fruits and nuts along with a cup of steaming black coffee
Dinner: Freshly cooked pink salmon or lamb chops or Sushi

You might have seen a fat young guy sitting in the VIP area in every IPL match on your television. He is none other than the son of Mukesh Ambani, Anant Ambani. Absolutely everyone bowled over by 20yr old Anant Ambani’s dramatic weight loss journey. There are so many doubts in everyone mind on Anant Ambani’s weight loss that he has gone through some kind of weight loss surgery, no one can lose this much weight. But the truth behind this is it was a long 18 months weight loss journey for him with all ups and downs.


Anant Ambani was decided to get fit for his 21st birthday. It was not so easy as it seems like to be from 208kg to 100kg, it takes the hell of dedication and hard work to get into the shape. Here’s the weight loss journey of Anant Ambani that really shock you;


Anant Ambani

Anant Ambani was as asthmatic as well as a diabetic person and with this condition, he was on the strong medication which makes him an obese person. But this was not only the reason, it was coupled with unhealthy food habits and physical laziness which makes the things worst. With these conditions, weight loss surgery was very risky for him. So, he chose the natural ways to shed off the excess weight.


Anant Ambani

He was under the guidance of the famous celebrity trainer Vinod Channa, who had been the trainer of various celebrities like Ritesh Deshmukh, John Abraham, etc. Vinod Channa has worked a lot with Anant to shed off the excess weight. He worked out 5-6hrs daily and was on a restricted diet. Due to his medical condition, Vinod made him start with low strength workout sessions with high reps. The workout session includes cycling and walking. After some time, his trainer gave him high-intensity training. He started functional training, weight training, yoga, cardio exercise and walking from 30mins to 2hrs covering 21kms. He workout from 9 pm to 12midnight which went up to 4 am in the morning. At first, he used to workout for only 2hrs and then slowly and gradually his time changed to 3hrs and more.


Anant adopted a low carb diet, zero sugar and also loaded with proteins and fibers. His breakfast includes soups, salad, sprouts and followed by fresh cow milk. He was restricted to have 6 meals a day which possesses vegetables, fruits, paneer, etc. and also a tsp of ghee. His journey was without any cheat days. He consumed about 1200-144 calories in a day. Junk food was totally banned for him. Being a strict vegetarian, his meal plans was very carefully planned. The only source of carbs left were vegetables and fruits.

The star of Argentina with an amazing personality and a football lover, the one and only Lionel Messi. He is an all-time goal scorer for his country. Lionel Messi is often considered as the best player in the world and has won 30 trophies for Barcelona and his country. Being the captain of the national football team, he has to choose a healthy life with healthy food and workout regimes.

Lionel Messi


Lionel Messi is well known for his great skills and speeds over the world. He always prefers to workout 5 days in a week and makes sure that his body gets proper rest as well. He is very conscious about his diet and always make sure that he sticks to it. He may be the greatest footballer to honor the world of football, but it doesn’t mean that the star of Barcelona doesn’t love sweets, drinks and other sugary products like us.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi love to eat chocolates, fizzy drinks, pizza, etc. which made him vomit during his match for many years. Even the Barcelona admitted that while playing his match it happened to him every time. These foods contain many contaminants which reduce the energy levels in the body. However, with his poor diet, there were some worries as Messi might be suffering from some illness and stress.

Lionel Messi

Being a professional football player, he makes few changes in his diet. His diet was changed to organic food, raw grains, veggies and fruits, eggs, fresh fish, etc. He completely cut down all sugary items which provoke him to throw up during matches. The more he stays away from sugars, his health will get better. The Barcelona star, Lionel Messi was no longer throw up during his matches just be cutting down those sugary items and making simple changes in his diet.

Salman Khan is king of Bollywood cinema who worked more than two decades. Salman Khan is also known as the Bhaijaan because of his famous role in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, he is also called sultan of Bollywood because he gave huge blockbusters every year. Salman Khan has a huge fan following not only in India but also in the world.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan had finished the shootings for the film Race 3 directed by Remo D’ Souza and was set to hit the theaters on 15 June 2018. All the people know that he is totally strict towards his diet and fitness and also promote the healthy and fitter lifestyle.


This time he made many changes in his lifestyle to fit perfectly for the movie Race 3 that is an action based movie.
Let us know about Salman and his secrets of his body;

Salman Khan diet plan

Salman Khan

He loves to eat Indian an Italian foods every time when he got hungry. But people also know that he is the biggest Bodybuilder and fittest star of the industry. This time he restricted himself to achieve best possible results for the movie Race 3. He has a full protein-rich diet comprising fish, egg white, meat, and milk to compete for his intense workout regimen.
According to Salman, the kind of food he eats is as important to the body as his workout. So, he not only just concentrate on his immense workout routine but he also keeps away from processed and sugary foods items.

 Salman Khan Diet Chart

Salman Khan

Breakfast: 4 egg whites with low-fat milk

Pre-workout: 2 egg whites, amino acid tablets, protein shake

Post workout: Almonds, oats, 3 egg whites, protein bar

Lunch: Veggies with salad, 5 chapattis

Snack: Protein bar, nuts including almonds

Dinner: Vegan soup, fish/chicken, 2 egg whites

Workout Regime

Salman Khan

Salman Khan works out for more than 2-3hrs every day which is followed by a disciplined workout session which includes weight training for 3 days a week and cardio session for 3 days. Sunday is typically his rest day. He generally focuses on only few body parts – biceps, triceps, abs, legs, and back.
Salman can do 2000 sit-ups or 1000 push-ups or 500 crunches at a time. Weight Training: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Salman Khan starts the workout with warm-up exercises such as jumping jacks, squats and push-ups. He also execute deadlifts for bounding his back and leg muscles, and even does bench press exercise for his chest and biceps too. He does 4 sets of 6-8 reps for his arms and 6 sets of 12-14 reps for his chest.
Race 3 is releasing on 15 June 2018 so get ready to enjoy another blockbuster of Salman that is really a wonderful movie. Audience gonna too much enjoy this movie. Get ready for Salman Khan in Race 3.

It was totally unbelievable, it was very special, it was a thunder-lightning innings that leaves your mouth open for a moment. Dinesh Kartik is sent at number 7 and was asked to take India with 34 runs needed in just two overs.He scored only 29 runs off 8 balls. This is not a big score many cricketers had scored more than this, but this is special because India won Nidahas Trophy with the help of Dinesh Kartik.He played a crucial inning in the final game of the series to win the game. Team India won Nidahas Trophy beating Bangladesh by 4 wickets.

Dinesh kartik


Dinesh Kartik shows tremendous performance in the final match of the game. He is in full form to score such good runs in that game. There is a lot of pressure on him in that match because of he the only finisher available in that match, only he can do it. He knows that if he can’t able to score 34 runs team India got loses and also lost the Nidahas Trophy.


Dinesh kartik

He has made many runs in his career and he knows how to handle pressure but this only thing not help him to achieve this thing. His fitness and diet routine also help him to score better runs and play well.

A sportsman without a good fitness level is worthless. If you want to score more runs and want to play well in the games you have to maintain your fitness and health so that it can help you to achieve the big score.


Dinesh kartik

In an interview with Dinesh Kartik, he revealed his diet and fitness secrets.He also revealed his diet on a daily basis.

He has a set breakfast. He eats an omelet, three egg whites, one whole egg. The spinach black pepper and cheese, some grilled bacon or smoked salmon along with it. He also eats papaya or dragon fruit if it’s available or watermelon. He eats a decent amount of cheese for good fats. He carries his own butter and I get gluten-free bread from the hotels. Then a nice big pot of green tea with lemon, He drinks three to four cups of that.

“Generally for lunch, it’s grilled chicken and mashed potatoes, spinach and veggies and for dinner it’s seafood,” he added.

One name that is on the everyone tongue and also on everyone’s mind that is none other than Manushi Chillar. She is the daughter of India and represent India and got crowned as Miss World 2017.But before this, no one knows about her because she is also like a normal child of his parent, a school going girl, a medical student who doing MBBS.

She brought pride to the nation, every Indian proud of her as she brought the crown to India after a long wait of 17 years. No one knows that a simple medical student will become the Miss. World 2017.


To become the world’s beauty is not an easy task. It needs lots of hard work, patience. If you want to know how Manushi Chillar become Miss. World 2017. What are the secrets behind her work and of course his beauty and fitness? What fitness regime she follows and what diet plans she follows to get a body for the Miss. World.


Yess Manushi is a natural beauty and stunning with her looks. But apart from this, she needs some improvement in his body to become Miss. World 2017 coz there is a tough competition from all over the world.
For a body like miss world, she train herself for 4 to 5 times in a week. In her training session she does cardio, stomach Exercise, free running apart from this she also dose little strength training to get her all muscles flexed.


She also does yoga for a healthy lifestyle and better physics.She domes meditation and pranayamas for proper stretching of her body and also to get releaxed from all the tensions.
Yoga is too much beneficial for maintaining mind body and soul.She also advise everyone to perform yoga on the daily basis to keep themselves healty.


To get a proper body for the becoming Miss world she strictly follows her diet .She is pure vegetarian so she always depends on lots of veggies, fruits and pulses.She don’t consume sugar to keep herself fat free and drinks 3 ltr of water daily to keep herself well hydrated.


Morning-In the morning she drink a glass of plain lime water to start her day

Breakfast-  In the breakfast, she eats yogurt, oats fresh fruits and nuts.

Lunch- she eats 1 or 2 chappatis or ar bowl of brown rice with raita and salad.

Evening-  in the evening she drink fresh fruit smoothies and cucumbers .

Dinner-  she ate dinner around 7 pm daily. In dinner, she eats salad, pulav or soups.

If you’re a big fan of Ranveer Singh, then you must be remembering the correct time just in June 2017, that you realized the superstar Ranveer transform himself from a very lean and sporty body to macho bulky man and it seems to be done in an overnight. For the thriller character in Padmavat Ranveer transform himself for Khilji.

ranveer transform himself


You can’t ignore the actor’s biceps which he eagerly posted on his Instagram. With the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s historical drama and action, Padmavat is not too far to get released, the handsome and fit actor posts photos frequently to prove that his biceps and abs are not engineered in a lab for his role of Allaudin Khilji.

But as we all know, good things don’t come that easy. The body in those Instagram photos didn’t come to be courtesy of just a few sit-ups: Ranveer teamed up with Mustafa Ahmed, the man behind his Padmavat physique.

ranveer transform himself

When the first look of the movie Padmavati was released, everyone was in awe of the way the three lead characters looked. But it was the Ranveer Singh’s amazing look that stood very shocking for the most people. He looked so thrilling and fierce that it seems to be unrecognizable for us. Many even compared him to Hollywood’s fittest Jason Mamoa who played the character Khal Drogo on a popular American series. You won’t believe us if we tell you the shocking fact that he has attained this Khilji body in the movie in only 6 weeks.

What style of training did Ranveer adopt for transforming his body into the role for Allaudin Khilji?

Ranveer Singh workout routine

-He has emphasized more on movement series, flexibility drills that have involved strength training sessions and conditions for the workouts such as high-intensity training sessions consists of push-ups, powerlifting such as deadlifts, squats, etc. These have been focused on upgrading his overall health too.

-He has trained himself twice a day for around 6 days in a week while training for the movie Padmavat. In the morning time, most of us do a cardio workout with a flexibility drill of around 20-25 min. The morning workout would be only for 40-45 minutes as he’d be short on time.

ranveer transform himself

Ranveer Singh diet plans

-He cut off any kind of sugar from his diet. That was his golden rule. For around 6 months during the movie  Padmavat and even before that, he stopped the intake of sugar. He ate two cheat meals in a week with the option of having these two meals anytime during the week.

-Mustafa his trainer advised Ranveer to take one day off, every week: “If he really wanted to work out, I recommended a swim
-But it was not all for his work and no game for Ranveer, as his personal trainer has forced him to give a last goodbye kiss to his diet for nearly 2-3 days for a week and accommodate himself in whatever his heart wants.

ranveer transform himself

He would prefer having both of them on the same day so he could have a complete cheat day. During his cheat meals, he could have sugar, junk food and almost anything he wanted,” Mustafar says about Ranveer’s binge eating.
-he eliminated food, canned food or any kind of food which can last on the shelf for more than 72 hours. He has been taking sufficient quantity of proteins, for almost between 125-155 g of protein daily. This is because we have to get into a certain kind of weight of the body and looks. After that, he has consumed a proper quantity of carbs such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc. But his carb intake would depend completely upon his schedule of shoot.