Your mind is thinking all the time, even if you are not aware of it. It is working 24 hrs and 365 days of the year. It works when you sleep. Your mind is generating thoughts continuously. Have you ever observe your mind that what is going on in our mind ?? The mind of every person has both the emotions of good as well as bad. Our mind thinks both positive and negative thoughts and it’s natural and normal process.
But if a person thinks too much negative all the time about everything it will be a severe problem for him, because negative thinking can harm the persons emotionally and physically as well.

Look if you think negative a lot it affects your emotions after that it affects your behavior. Have a look at the negative thoughts:-
• I am bad no one loves me
• I am never successful
• I am ugly everyone hates me
• It’s hard to achieve what I want
All these types of thoughts can affect your behavior and emotions if you think them all the day. It can affect your life in a negative way.


Your thinking is loaded with negative thoughts, then it most likely that you are connected with negative feelings and emotions such as sadness, depression, anxiety, hatred and many more. You may even feel quite hopeless at times. The way you think affects your emotions and your emotions affect your behavior.


You have to learn how to change your thoughts negative to positive. First, you have to observe that why you are too much negative about everything .why these kinds of thought are coming in your mind. This takes discipline and practice. It is possible to change the way you think, but it does take time and a commitment.
Write positive things and start following them step by step. First decide small thing then after start bigger positive things. Read success stories, good books, motivational videos, warm music, start enjoying everything that you are doing. All this will help you to change your negative thoughts to a positive one.


You have to think that you are totally worthy and you can achieve everything that you are capable of. You have to think how you can achieve anything that you desire. And say it much time in a day louder that I AM CAPABLE OF EVERYTHING, I CAN DO ANYTHING, NO FEAR OF FAILURE. This thing will help you to change your thoughts and mind also. Positive thoughts come to your mind if you do this to yourself.
It’s actually very exciting to know that you can change your thought life, which can change your emotions and behavior. Take some time today to gauge your thought life. What kinds of thoughts are you thinking? Write them down and create your positive affirmation list and recite that list daily.