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All the alcoholic let’s get buzzed off the guilt over your nightly beer. Beer is an alcoholic beverage made from cereal grains which are helpful in the nutritional content. Most of us prefer to drink beer with our meals and it is considered as the third most famous drink after tea and water. You all might love to drink beer but you may not be aware of its ingredients.

drink beer

Beer is loaded with vitamins and minerals, yeast, cereals and also it possesses many antioxidant properties. A research has been conducted and it was found that if you drink beer in moderate proportion can actually help in improving your health and also helps in boosting up your immunity.


Let’s raise a glass of beer to the latest health and nutritional benefits which is responsible for its consumption;


drink beer

When you’re advised not to drink water at someplace then the local beer is a safer drink as it is safer than the local bottled water. This is because beer is being boiled in its preparation process and it is kept clean through the seal. Though there are no pathogens which are life-threatening, even if it goes bad, that can live in a bottle of beer. So, get buzzed even the bad beer is safer than water.


drink beer

Just like wine, beer also helps in reducing the risk of heart disease just by lowering the inflammatory process in the body. It is also responsible for preventing the formation of clots and thinning your blood which can block your arteries. Even many researchers have found that drinking beer in moderate proportion can lower the risk of heart attacks.


drink beer

There’s good news for women that beer is responsible for preventing osteoporosis in them. It contains some amount of dietary silicon which helps in supporting the development and health of bone. It has been found that who drink beer have increased bone density than the one who doesn’t drink the same.


drink beer

Beer is loaded with a host of nutrients which can support your health. It possesses many kinds of cereal like rice, wheat, barley, etc. and many vitamins and minerals and few amounts of potassium, iron, and manganese. Due to this nutritional content, it helps in improving your overall health. Just raise a glass of beer to capture these nutrients.


drink beer

The beer has more than 90% water in it. It has a capability to reduce painful kidney stones in your body. Even a research has found that drinking a bottle of beer daily can reduce the risk of the painful kidney stones more than 40%.

Salman Khan is king of Bollywood cinema who worked more than two decades. Salman Khan is also known as the Bhaijaan because of his famous role in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, he is also called sultan of Bollywood because he gave huge blockbusters every year. Salman Khan has a huge fan following not only in India but also in the world.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan had finished the shootings for the film Race 3 directed by Remo D’ Souza and was set to hit the theaters on 15 June 2018. All the people know that he is totally strict towards his diet and fitness and also promote the healthy and fitter lifestyle.


This time he made many changes in his lifestyle to fit perfectly for the movie Race 3 that is an action based movie.
Let us know about Salman and his secrets of his body;

Salman Khan diet plan

Salman Khan

He loves to eat Indian an Italian foods every time when he got hungry. But people also know that he is the biggest Bodybuilder and fittest star of the industry. This time he restricted himself to achieve best possible results for the movie Race 3. He has a full protein-rich diet comprising fish, egg white, meat, and milk to compete for his intense workout regimen.
According to Salman, the kind of food he eats is as important to the body as his workout. So, he not only just concentrate on his immense workout routine but he also keeps away from processed and sugary foods items.

 Salman Khan Diet Chart

Salman Khan

Breakfast: 4 egg whites with low-fat milk

Pre-workout: 2 egg whites, amino acid tablets, protein shake

Post workout: Almonds, oats, 3 egg whites, protein bar

Lunch: Veggies with salad, 5 chapattis

Snack: Protein bar, nuts including almonds

Dinner: Vegan soup, fish/chicken, 2 egg whites

Workout Regime

Salman Khan

Salman Khan works out for more than 2-3hrs every day which is followed by a disciplined workout session which includes weight training for 3 days a week and cardio session for 3 days. Sunday is typically his rest day. He generally focuses on only few body parts – biceps, triceps, abs, legs, and back.
Salman can do 2000 sit-ups or 1000 push-ups or 500 crunches at a time. Weight Training: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Salman Khan starts the workout with warm-up exercises such as jumping jacks, squats and push-ups. He also execute deadlifts for bounding his back and leg muscles, and even does bench press exercise for his chest and biceps too. He does 4 sets of 6-8 reps for his arms and 6 sets of 12-14 reps for his chest.
Race 3 is releasing on 15 June 2018 so get ready to enjoy another blockbuster of Salman that is really a wonderful movie. Audience gonna too much enjoy this movie. Get ready for Salman Khan in Race 3.

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