Why do we have hiccups and what are the causes behind it?

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Last Updated on December 30, 2020

Hiccups always come at the most inconvenient times and when you are in public. These are very annoying and embarrassing. Basically, these hiccups are a sudden and involuntary contraction of your diaphragm muscles in the body. When the muscles contracts repeatedly, the opening between the vocal cords snaps shut to check the flow of air and which makes the hiccup sound. The irritation in the nerves that continue from your neck to the chest can cause hiccups. Not only this, there are many conditions which can cause irritation and result in hiccups.

They are hardly a cause for concern, but if you get frequently or it lasts more than 3 days, then you should go to the doctor. Though you can get rid of by adopting various home remedies and the most common remedy is drinking water.

Why do we have hiccups and what are the causes behind it?

But you should be aware of the reasons behind your hiccups. Here we provide 5 causes of your hiccups;


The most common cause which ends up with hiccups is when eats too fast. It is very common in those who are in a habit of eating fast. When you eat too fast then you swallow air along with your food which makes the involuntary contraction in your diaphragm which ultimately results in hiccups.


Those who are in habit of smoking cigarette or hookah and most likely in getting hiccups. When you deeply inhale the cigarette or hookah then it is obvious that you will swallow the air also. This swallowing of air makes your muscles to contract repeatedly and makes the hiccup sound.


You all love or in habit of chewing the chewing gums. When you chew these gums, you gulp down the air around you which makes a sudden contraction of your diaphragm muscles and ultimately results in having this.


The irritation in your diaphragm muscle is also caused by drinking too much of carbonated drinks. These carbonated drinks are loaded with too much of carbon dioxide gas which ultimately irritates you diaphragm and results in making that hiccup sound.


All those who have gastric problems are prone to having frequently. The gas in the stomach presses your diaphragm which makes the irritation in it. Due to this irritation, the muscles contracts repeatedly which snap shut the inflow of air and makes the hiccup sound.

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