Smoke Cravings are a call, not a command. Smoking one of the commonly used so-called stress buster for the present generation. This smoking makes the blood stickier, increase your cholesterol levels further develops plague along the blood vessel wall and finally damages its lining. This will put you at the risk of heart stroke and attacks. We just go on and on even knowing about the dangers of smoking on our health. These cigarettes cravings will happen to smokers whether you smoke or not just because this is not a habit but an addiction.

Smoke Cravings

World No Tobacco Day 2018: Tips to Handle Smoke Cravings

Even the advertisements during a movie or on tv makes you aware of the problems associated with this deadly habit. Though it may seem to be difficult, from this World No Tobacco Day 2018 give yourself a new birth. Here’s are the tips that will help you in handling the smoke cravings;


Smoke Cravings

Many of you have noticed that after brushing your teeth, the taste or feeling of toothpaste in your mouth makes you like not eating anything. So, try this when you are craving for cigarettes do brush your teeth, which will help you a lot in managing that craving.


Smoke Cravings

By drinking a glass of water will fill your stomach that will help you in getting rid of such craving. This will give a calm effect on your cravings. Do avoid drinks like coffee, cold drinks or alcohol that are associated with smoking.


Smoke Cravings

Immediately just stop what you are doing and take about at least 10 deep breaths. Go in the fresh air if you can and fill your lungs with fresh air. This will make you feel relaxed and will also decrease your anxiety for cigarettes cravings.


Smoke Cravings

Most effective substitute to get rid of smoking cravings is chewing gums. This will keep your mouth busy and will keep you calm when you are craving for cigarettes. It is recommended by most doctors that you should take a stick of chewing sugarless cinnamon gum. This will help in handling your cravings.


Smoke Cravings

Playing outside of inside will keep you busy and will bury your smoking cravings. Whether playing with your dog or child or family doesn’t matter as these are very great distractions. You should play with your child or family that will help in reminding you of why it’s so essential to quit smoking.

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